nadeemiconfist.pngAbout Nadeem

Nadeem is a City Councillor in Cambridge, MA, CEO of Nimblebot, co-owner of danger!awesome, and partner in Trifecta Editions. After moving to Cambridge for undergraduate and graduate work at MIT, Nadeem fell in love with the city and opened two small businesses in Central Square. Both provide community access to cutting-edge technology, services, and job training. Nadeem also holds a faculty position at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, where he teaches entrepreneurship and small business practices to emerging artists.


Elected through a grass-roots campaign and vibrant online presence, Nadeem is continuing to champion the arts & culture agenda, environment priorities, and educational equity in Cambridge. Nadeem’s unique “community first, me second” principles include a self-limited term in office and contributing one-third of his City Council salary to community organizing. Nadeem encourages resident sand advocates to form autonomous “action teams” seeking information and presenting solutions on everything from mass transit and bike infrastructure to ground-floor retail preservation and pro-arts city character. Nadeem believes that this site (and frequent community meetings!) will help keep the community informed about important ongoing discussions. We can all set the tone in Cambridge, together.

CEO OF NIMBLEBOTnadeemiconbeaker.png

Nimblebot is an animation, video production, software programming, and website design studio based out of Central Square. The firm specializes in animated short explainer videos for companies championing great products or causes and have worked with the likes of McGraw Hill, Boston Globe, Mozilla, and others to deliver truly novel interactive and mobile apps.

nadeemicongear.pngCO-OWNER OF DANGER!AWESOME

danger!awesome is an open-access studio, makerspace and learning center, offering laser cutting and 3D printing capabilities. The mission is to bring maker-culture and knowledge into communities that wouldn’t normally have access and conduct training for all comers, while offering high-end made-to-order design services and custom gifts.


Nadeem nurtured the squash team at MIT, his alma mater, over the last 5 years as Head Coach.


As Professor in Entrepreneurship and Business, Nadeem teaches artists how best to promote their work in the fast-paced world of business. Students are given a series of innocuous life-challenges that prepare them for real-world businesses, ultimately selling thousands of dollars in fine art and other product or service during the course of the one semester class.

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