Environmental meeting 10/28

At this Tuesday’s environmental meeting, Cantabrigians voiced their concern for the future of the Silver Maple Forest. It was apparent that the Silver Maple Forest is loved and appreciated by Cambridge residents and they are passionate about protecting it. Many residents were also worried that the destruction of the Silver Maple Forest would cause severe flooding. According to the predicted flood burden, the destruction of the Silver Maple Forest could produce an excess of 150,000 gallons of flood water. In addition to acting as a buffer from flood water, many asserted that the forest offers economic and health benefits such as the removal of pollutants and protection from flood damage.

After several members of the community highlighted the importance of the Silver Maple Forest, there was a discussion of Cambridge’s role in the process and what the city should do. Questions were also raised about Belmont’s responsibility in the process and what they intend to do about the dilemma. It was agreed that, at the very least, there needs to be a dialogue between Cambridge and Belmont immediately. Many argued that that Cambridge should allocate funds and work on fundraising in order to buy the property from Belmont. Several community members argued that the current regulations are not enough and that there needs to be a change in laws in order for there to be real, positive change.  Additionally, they encouraged other Cantabrigians to rally in support and to join in civil disobedience.

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