Exchanging Places Policy Order


 Whereas: Cambridge has a burgeoning cycling population, with bicyclists a consistent feature on the city’s main roads; and

 Whereas: Large trucks are an unavoidable hazard for cyclists, and many bicyclists do not know how to handle the danger presented by truck drivers while riding on main roads; and

 Whereas: A program like London’s Exchanging Places, where cyclists have the chance to sit in the cockpit of a large truck and see exactly what a truck driver sees while he or she is driving, would be a beneficial educational aid to bicyclists; and

 Whereas: Alex Epstein, an engineer at the Volpe Center who researches truck safety and was instrumental in Boston’s recent policy installing truck side-guards on vehicles as a pilot demo, touts this program as an effective educational resource; and

 Whereas: Crossrail Ltd, the London company behind the program, cites that in a recent survey of participants, 99% reported that after attending an Exchanging Places event they would change their cycling habits; and

 Whereas: It is clear that cyclists and truck drivers both have an equal right to the road, and therefore, educational measures will be an effective supplement to more mechanical bike safety initiatives such as truck side guards; now therefore be it

 Ordered: The City Manager be and hereby is requested to work with the Cambridge Department of Traffic, Parking and Transportation, the Cambridge Police Department, and the Cambridge Department of Public Works to determine the feasibility of hosting a program similar to the Exchanging Places program in London; and be it further

 Ordered: The City Manager be and hereby is requested to report back to the council on this matter.


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