Grand Junction Pathway Plans

The Cambridge Redevelopment Authority's Design Review Committee meeting of November 19 included a presentation of Grand Junction Path plans. The path will ultimately run over two miles and serve as a link across neighborhoods in Allston, Cambridge, and Somerville, joining the growing regional path network. The asphalt-surfaced, multi-use path treated with landscaping improvements will replace the current concrete sidewalk parallel to Galileo Galilei Way. The first section of the multi-use path will be built in Spring 2015, from Main Street to Broadway.


The Cambridge Redevelopment Authority is also exploring options for the "pork chop" parcel between Broadway and Binney Street, to activate it as a vital open space and carry the next section of the Grand Junction Path. From Binney Street, the Path proposes to join the rail corridor through East Cambridge and Wellington/Harrington until it arrives in Somerville and connects with the Somerville Community Path.


The scope of the CRA's reconstruction of the Main Street to Broadway area also includes improvements to the corner of Main Street and Galileo Galilei Way (the site of the gazebo). The cut-through and access designs are still being finalized, all with the goal of activating a public space that has remained very underutilized. Its location along the Grand Junction Path offers the potential for this area to be a busy open space for bikers and pedestrians alike in a neighborhood that has little.

It is promising to see the first "buildable design" for a section of the Grand Junction Path, and what's most exciting is that it is more or less in the middle of the corridor: users of this first section will be invited to envision the path continuing in both directions.

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