Grown Up Playground Policy Order

WHEREAS:     Adult playgrounds are large scale creative installations, consisting of games, music venues, performance space, and interactive exhibits built in urban centers that are intended to foster community and provide a public space for area residents to interact; and

WHEREAS:     Cities such as Beijing, Copenhagen, Los Angeles, New York City, and Boston have installed Adult Playgrounds to community acclaim and widespread use at a reasonable cost; and

WHEREAS:     Adult Playgrounds have been proven to offer constructive entertainment to a wide variety of the community members, and offer a shared space to foster deeper social connections, often revitalizing underutilized park space; and

WHEREAS:     Artists, architects, performers and other creatives will have a space to create new works while fostering urban innovation in Cambridge; and the construction would be a creative, community effort; and

WHEREAS:     Adult Playgrounds often have exercise equipment and structures encouraging cardiovascular and aerobic exercise, that have been shown to have a directly positive influence on overall community health; and

WHEREAS:     The Lawn on D installation in Boston has proven to be an economic and cultural success since its opening in August, providing a platform for the artistic pursuits of the Greater Boston community; and

WHEREAS:     While Cambridge is already home to a fitness-oriented playground on Magazine Beach, the new adult playground aims to promote fitness, as well as provide a community space for residents of all backgrounds to congregate and play, with an emphasis on events and artistic expression; now therefore be it

ORDERED:     The City Manager be and hereby is requested to work with the Community Development Department, the Arts Council, the Department of Public Works to determine the feasibility of creating an adult playground in Cambridge; and be it further

ORDERED:     The City Manager be and hereby is requested to report back to the council on this matter

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