Human Services Portal Grant


WHEREAS:     The Patrick Administration developed the Community Innovation Challenge grant program in 2012, in order to encourage municipal innovation and regionalization efforts; and

WHEREAS:     In three years, the program has invested $10.25 million in 74 unique projects from over 240 municipalities across the Commonwealth; and

WHEREAS:     Projects funded by the CIC program support the development of initiatives at the municipal level to encourage performance management best practices and utilize new technologies to improve accountability and increase transparency; and

WHEREAS:     The grant selection process is non-competitive and submitting multiple applications for a single municipality is encouraged; and

WHEREAS:     A completed CIC grant application for a Human Services Portal has been submitted with the cooperation of various city departments; and

WHEREAS:     The grant application has been completed with the support of members of the STEAM and Out of School Time working group, members of the Kids Council, and utilizing research prepared through a full day study with city employees and service providers; and

WHEREAS:     The support of the city council or legislative body for a given application will increase the likelihood of the Commonwealth funding a given project; and

WHEREAS:     Volunteers from Code for America and private institutions have pledged or considered pro-bono work time towards the project; now therefore be it

ORDERED:     That the Council go on record in support of the CIC grant application for a Human Services Portal submitted on October 10th, 2014; and be it further

ORDERED:     That the City Clerk be and hereby is requested to forward a suitably engrossed copy of this resolution to Tim Dodd the Program Manager of the Executive Office for Administration and Finance on behalf of the entire City Council.




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