Improving Municipal Broadband

Improving broadband services in Cambridge has been one area of focus for our team. We recently met with Pilot Fiber, a broadband supplier pioneering new ways to make fiber more accessible in New York. They operate by leasing out unused fiber infrastructure and bringing high speed internet to businesses. This allows them to provide service that is competitive with (and in fact far out-performs) major companies like Comcast.

They are currently working with businesses in Manhattan, and hope to expand to include residential services soon. Many parallels can be drawn between their work in Manhattan and Cambridge. Right now, they’re working with high density buildings (~20 businesses per building) -- something we have no shortage of here. Our hope is that by chasing every lead, including Pilot Fiber, we’ll eventually find a cost-effective solution that brings reliable, residential, cost-effective solutions to Cambridge residents as an alternative to Comcast. Right now Pilot Fiber is, appropriately, in a pilot phase. It’s too expensive for residential deployment and, if it does come to Cambridge, will be targeted to businesses

We'll keep you posted while we harangue Comcast and Verizon (for being awful about infrastructure and service in Cambridge), study municipal broadband as an alternative, and search for miracles.

To see more about Pilot Fiber check out their website.

  • commented 2014-11-23 21:46:05 -0500
    I support your broadband approach, that is, wise insight for the city’s economy, innovation competition for the citizens’, the consumer as well as the local businesses’ bottom line with quality and experiences that will creates jobs and wealth for all; well rounded for all to benefit in a true commonwealth. I think you earned a second round of government with real honest politics with everyone’s needs met for future generations to prosper in wealth and happiness. To work, love, and play hard equality profitably for all wise infrastructure shared republic city by all investment and prosperity in mind. Citizens of Cambridge would be wise to keep your talents and expertise in Cambridge’s City council to represent everyone. Written by Anthony Goode and edited by Melissa L. Harvard RA.
  • commented 2014-11-23 18:49:44 -0500
    I definitely support this. I have to admit I am shocked that Cambridge has never attempted to use their amazing advantages (a tech focused population, and MIT and Harvard having giant fiber networks) to roll out a muni fiber plan to businesses and residents. As a resident the services are absolutely terrible. I had better internet services speeds in rural upstate new york.

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