Interfaith Meeting

Recently we met with several members of the community to discuss the current nature of interfaith cooperation in Cambridge. This meeting came in response to the recent press attack on the Islamic Society Mosque in Cambridge (read here). The article falsely linked the mosque and its teachings with the actions of various terrorists and terrorist organizations and has deeply offended the Islamic community in Cambridge. The mosque has also been receiving threats of violence since the piece was released. These kinds of threats have no place in civil society, especially when directed at a small community mosque. The mosque has been making impressive strides in expanding teaching programs and services aimed to foster safety and reduce crime in the community. In particular, the Imam of the mosque is working hard with at risk youths to ensure that they do not stray from the religion’s promotion of peace or take to violent behaviors.

Though the majority of the meeting focused around the issues with the mosque and islamophobia in the community, we also discussed the larger faith community. We focused on developing methods to facilitate interaction between the different faiths and places of worship in Cambridge. As a result of this meeting we are now looking to arrange a round table discussion with members of the faith community with the hopes of forming a more long term program that brings the community together on a regular basis. We hope that these discussions will help religious leaders and citizens inform each other about the beliefs and practices of their religion.

If you would like be included in our future interfaith roundtables, please feel free to reach out to Nadeem at

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