Jefferson Park Playground

The Jefferson Park Apartments’ playground in North Cambridge has come under scrutiny as a dilapidated, under-equipped public space. The playground, which is hidden from view on Rindge Ave., is visually inaccessible and may cause children to make an unnecessary bicycle or walking trip across dangerous Rindge Ave. towards Russell Field. This issue is of particular relevance as the Jefferson Park Apartments are slated for demolition and redevelopment in the coming months. The current plan involves replacing the existing four buildings, which host 108 units, to construct six new buildings for a total of 104 units.

In addition to community concern regarding the existing playground, there are worries over the amount of green space that will be lost as a result of the redevelopment. The construction project will be a multi-year endeavor, suggesting to many residents that the playground and open space may not be accessible for quite some time.

 The council has asked for clarification on the issue from those charged with redevelopment. We have received presentations of the intended final product and were told that a park would be a “long term” project, meaning two or three years down the line. In last week’s council meeting, this issue was discussed by councillors and members of the public. We have clarified that we are looking for interim solutions and expect that to see movement towards this goal soon. If this does not occur, the council will need to take further action to ensure that children, especially those living in Affordable Housing, have a safe environment for play


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