Piano in the Park Policy Order


WHEREAS:     In New York City’s Bryant Park, a street piano is maintained by public and private contributors such as Sam Ash, the Local 208 Musicians Union, the Jazz Center of New York and the Music Performance Trust Fund serving as an attraction to both tourists and lifelong residents; and

WHEREAS:     Cambridge and Boston have a significant professional music community that could be tapped for public performances; and

WHEREAS:     Schools such as Longy, Berklee, and the Boston Conservatory have talented students that could benefit from a slightly more formal street performing venue in Cambridge; and

WHEREAS:     Street pianos were placed throughout Cambridge and Boston as part of the Play Me, I’m Yours installation in 2013 to much acclaim and community support; and

WHEREAS:     Installing a street piano—especially with regularly scheduled performances by professional musicians—could enhance underutilized public spaces such as Carl Barron Plaza, University Park, and Alfred E. Vellucci Community Plaza; now therefore be it

ORDERED:     The City Manager be and hereby is requested to work with the Community Development Department, the Arts Council, and the Department of Public Works to determine the feasibility of creating and maintaining one or more street piano(s) in one or more parks and/or plazas in Cambridge; and be it further

ORDERED:     The City Manager be and hereby is requested to report back to the council on this matter.  



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