Rules of the road



Rules of the Road

We have come up with a list of biking rules to make sure cars and bikes can coexist and everyone can stay safe!


  1. Everyone just needs to be aware of their surroundings

  2. Drivers should check their mirrors and blind spots

  3. Bikers should know where cars are and should make sure they are not in their blind spot especially when it comes to trucks

  4. Bikers should do all they can to make sure they are noticeable and easily seen by cars

    1. Front and rear lights

    2. Reflective gear

    3. In addition to gear, bikers should never ride without a helmet

  5. Bikers and drivers should both use directionals

  6. Everyone should observe and obey traffic signals; no biking through red lights

  7. Bikers should always drive with the traffic; no going the wrong way down the street

  8. Everyone should bike and drive courteously and cautiously

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