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The days are sunny, the schools are out, and with the summer getting into full swing the goals of my position will be shifting. I’ll be writing up a reflection of my first six month of the job in my next blog to look back on what was accomplished and learned, but until then today’s blog post will be focused on the future. So what’s next?


With students out of school we’ve decided to shift the approach of my work for the summer. Starting next week I’ll be going out into the community to get a better understanding of why some students are not involved in programs during their summer. I’ll be visiting local basketball courts and parks across the city to try and learn from the students I may happen to come across. I’m honestly not quite sure what I will find, but my hope is to engage with youth and listen to any of their reasons on why they are currently not in a summer program.


At the same time, I will be developing an afterschool school class that’s a little bit different. My goal is to create a curriculum that revolves around basketball, but involves teaching all the subjects. For example, getting kids to think about simple statistics by tracking their shooting percentages throughout the summer.


Ideally, the same students that are in the basketball courts could help me craft this afterschool class and shape the way it runs. That way, we might be able to approach programs in the fall with a student created class that might be able to get more students to enroll in their program.


Another part of my work this summer will be to help organize a weekly civics meeting every week or two. These meetings will include a discussion about different topics that affect our community and a brainstorming session of “homework” we can do to give back to the community around that topic.


For example the last meeting was about how the city can collaborate with universities to improve sexual assault policies and education prevention methods under title ix. And some of the things we decided to do was write a letter to the editor of the Chronicle and contact the public schools Know Your Body program about introducing prevention methods to male middle and high school students. Our next meeting is planned for this upcoming Monday night at 8 PM, and will be focused on how food can bring together a community.


We are in for an exciting summer! Whether it be involving students into summer afterschool programs or engaging the community in important civic topics, I think there is some great work ahead.

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